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Shannon has always held a special connection to the unseen worlds. Growing up she enjoyed spending time on her family farm, listening to the birds sing or playing in the trees and garden. The Angelic realm and the realm of Dragons are a familiar landscape to her. She innately knows these magical beings and carries an amazing rapport with them. They speak through the language of sight, sound and breathe to convey a deep wisdom which she gently navigates with graceful harmony. Her messages are clear and profound in their affect to those open to hear them.

She is also a mixed media artist, often working with stone, paint, and light to create one of a kind expressions of beauty. Through paintings, jewelry, and other mediums, she creates work with deeper meanings, often adding light code frequencies to carry a magical element into her work.  

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Believe, Belong, Be Loved

"Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if only one remembers to turn on the light"

Dumbledore via JK Rowling

My Classes and Services


Dragon Realm Introduction

Dragons have a connection to all cultures whether it be the benevolent Chinese Dragons to the Dragon Slayers of the West. Come learn more of the history and how we can connect to these guides and teachers to help us along our spiritual paths. 

Illuminating Dragon Realm

Each month we will be connecting to another area of the Realm, from Elemental Dragons, Guides, Protectors and many more. We will learn different ways to connect and listen to the messages they have for us. Please check out the monthly calendar by clicking the "Book It" button below for each months theme. 

Dragon Realm Reading

Please join me for a one on one session with the Dragons. This is dedicated time for you and you will receive a crystal that will be charged during our time together. 



I know the powerful connection and deep intuitive abilities Shannon brings into her work. She is honestly the most intuitive person I have worked with. Her ability to tap into those higher realms and bring forth detailed information has been a tremendous gift that has helped me define my path with greater clarity.  


I am looking forward to this experience because I love dragons and I have a special connection with one of them for years. Tonight confirmed what I believed to be true. My message was very helpful and answered a few questions.


I am leaving knowing much more about dragons and am looking forward to expanding my interaction with them!


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