Her Story

Dragons have touched Shannon’s heart for as long as she can remember. Her connection to Dragon Realm is second nature to her. Her personal relationship with them runs deep and she feels their presence every moment.


Shannon answered the calling of the Angelic Kingdom from birth. She is a highly intuitive empath who has lead and been a part of many teachings, full and new moon ceremonies, meditations, week long retreats and drum circles for over 30 years. She relates and connects to the energy of Mother Earth, the cosmos and animals of all kinds and has conversations with them on a daily basis.

Shannon is a multi-media artist working with energies and intentions. Sacred Intention Jewelry and Paintings are an area she is passionate about. Whether a piece is for Joy or Peace, or created specifically for an individual’s needs, she loves the sacred connection with the person and the energies set within.  Divine Paintings have drawn Shannon’s attention for many years. There is many times that a piece will be envisioned within Shannon and it will keep her up at night until she actually gets it down on canvas. She is also skilled in metal smithing and fabric arts. All items are created within a sacred space and blessed on many levels.


My Approach

Illuminating the unseen realms is a huge passions for me. At this time in history we have more connections and influences on our lives then ever before. I want to help "turn on the light" and illuminate a path with  guides that have been with each of us all along. Building our Tribe is a wonderful way to navigate the waves of the Age of Aquarius. Supporting each other and aiding in the spiritual growth of the planet is dear to my heart. Nature will guide you, as well as the elementals, spirits, guides and dragons. They are all waiting for our invitation. Step in and let the light shine. 

In each of my classes my goal is for you to come away with more knowledge and a deeper presence of those light beings guiding and supporting your along our path. 

In each Dragon Reading you will receive a crystal charged with the energy of that session so that you can hold it and spend time with the energy going forward. 

Please join me during this sacred time to learn more from  teachers and guides, 

The Dragons.

I look forward to meeting you!