Classes and Services


Dragon Meditation Class

Dragons Meditation is a wonderful time to spend connecting with the Dragon Realm. This Realm is not unlike or separate from the Angelic Realm. Angels and Dragon have worked hand in hand throughout time and space. Guardian Angels and Guides have always been there for you, do you know that Dragons have been there along with your guides as well, just waiting for you to ask. Waiting for you to illuminate your heart to see and hear them. Why not ask them along.



Dragon Realm Readings

Have you ever felt that there is more to your guides then meets the eye? Do you hear a faint hum or deep gruff in the background? It is possibly your Dragon Guide or Teacher nudging you. I would love to help you connect with them deeper, and give some insights into their world. Please join me for a one and one session to spend on with the Dragons. During our time together you will receive a crystal that will be charged with the energy of each session. 

30 mins - $50            60 mins - $90