Yule Log Traditions and Hearth Dragons

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

December, in the Celtic Tradition is when families would keep the hearth warm with the Yule Log. This was usually hardwood and a larger log. The sacred Yule Log was kept “alive” through the night and the embers would be used to keep the family fire burning throughout the winter. Each morning the embers would be stoked to coach them to ignite the flames again. Smaller logs would be added to keep the warmth going. These days we don’t have to keep the fire burning all night but are there areas in your life that needs a gentle stoking to ignite the embers once again? What is needing your attention to keep the embers alive?

Ember Dragons or Hearth Dragons are a great way to connect to what is needing your attention at this time of year. Maybe it is selfcare or reaching out to a friend that you haven’t spoken to for a while.

Make yourself a cup of tea and ask the Ember Dragon who approaches what they would like to share with you. Take your mind’s eye to a warm hearth of an old stone cottage in a wooded forest. You can smell the spices of your drink, and the sweetness of the sap that is caramelizing in the fire from the Yule log. The log is popping and crackling, and the sounds takes you back to a cherished moment. Your attention is brought to the right of the hearth, a being slowly shows themselves to you. It is a burgundy dragon, an Ember dragon, you may not see a full form as they may be just needing your attention to listen or see what they have for you.

Take a few moments to connect to your Ember Dragon. What are they wanting to help you with to keep warm through this winter season? Spend a moment in gratitude for the messages and images that you have received.

I hope you have enjoyed your time with the Ember Dragon!

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